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Mascara Club

Your Mascara has a limited use. As soon as you open your mascara you expose it to the air, which will not only dry the product inside, but you also open the tube to allow bacteria coming inside. We all have microscopic organisms living on our lashes and with each application of your mascara your wand takes some of these lash mites with it into the tube. Your mascara tube is a dark and moist environment, ideal for bacteria to grow and multiply.

This is why it is extremely important that you change your mascara every 3 months. 


Introducing: The Qbeauty Mascara Club

To make life easier for you, I have set up the Mascara Club. Automatic delivery of your mascaras. You never have to worry about buying a new mascara ever again. You pay the way you want and I arrange the delivery of your mascaras throughout the year. For subscribing you also receive a FREE Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover.
Deliveries will be in January, April, July and October. 

Payment plans are as follows:

You have an option to pay one annual fee of £66 which gives you 4 mascaras of your choice and a FREE Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover. Automatically delivered to you every quarter.

The other option is that you pay £5.50 each month and you receive your mascara and FREE Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover after the first 3 payments and then every 3 months after that as long as you keep up your payments.