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I have been a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant since 4 November 2011, before that I used to but Mary Kay products after trying them and swapping to Mary Kay from Clarins. The products are so much easier to use, only 4 products for my morning and evening routine, instead of the 8 I was sold by the Clarins beauty counter.
It was also saving me a lot of money with the products lasting 6 months, instead of 3-4 months. When my consultant decided to move up the Mary Kay Career ladder and become a Director, she asked me to join. Not to do the business, but just for me to get the discount of 30% on the products I already bought every year and it would help her in her career growth. Win-Win, right!? 

A few weeks after I signed up we did a business debut and I had about 4 guests coming along, so I was thinking, see, this business doesn't work, really, but at the end of the day I took home £250 in sales, that was £75 profit just for a few hours chatting with friends and trying some beauty products. In the course of a few years I obtained my professional qualifications, mainly because I felt insecure in teaching others how to apply their makeup and my sceptical brain wouldn't trust that the Mary Kay training was good enough. I found out that I hardly learned anything new in my Makeup Artistry training, so, hey, Mary Kay training is actually very good!

So here I am, 7 years later and as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, I offer Beauty Experiences to my clients and use Mary Kay Skin Care, Make-up, Body Care and Fragrances for women and men in my treatments. My customers usually end up buying products through me, which is probably my main source of income. I can also help enthusiastic people like you start your own Mary Kay Business.


As my customer, you can create your ideal beauty experience. I offer personalized service that fits you. Just tell me if you'd like a one-on-one consultation, a party with friends, a virtual party, makeup tips, skin care advice or free samples. You can always try before you buy. If you prefer to shop online only or order by e-mail or phone, the choice is yours. I'd love to help you with any or all of your beauty needs.
Appointments don't have to take hours, I also offer quick 'on-the-go' appointments of about 30 minutes each. So Let's talk!


Have a look on my Mary Kay Personal Website for products and up to date information - www.marykay.co.uk/nsmith

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