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Magnetix Wellness

The history of magnetism has been written by the earth itself.

The earth‘s strong magnetic field has a direct influence on all life. This is associated with the

electromagnetic vibrations of atoms, which form the core of every living being.

This influence was recognised extremely early in human history, and the therapeutic properties of magnets were used for healing purposes. 

Nowadays even mainstream medicine is studying the effects of magnets intensively. For example, in 1994 the International Institute for Health in the USA created the new terms “Biofield” and “Biomagnetism”.

Biofield research focuses on the almost imperceptible magnetic field energies which pervade the

human organism. These energies revitalise the human body, keeping it “in full swing” thus ensuring that we feel healthy and full of life. An imbalance in the Biofield results in tiredness, or even exhaustion, and illness.

Feelings such as stress, anger, tension 
and worry also have an electric charge which can have a negative influence on the body‘s sensitive magnetic field. This knowledge has the fairly self-evident conclusion:

Wearing magnets has a decisive effect on the promotion of our own well-being! The step from this idea to the “invention” of magnetic

accessories was a small, yet decisive, one.

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